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Digital Photography

Clock Tower
Cook Carillon Tower

The Cook Carillon Clock Tower has been a GVSU icon for years now, and has been visually associated to GVSU since its construction.

Lobby Shop
Java City

Java City is centrally located and has cheap coffee for students looking to grab a cup of joe.

Kirkhof Movie Theater

The Movie Theater inside Kirkhof Center is a terrific spot to relax and work on homework while watching a recently released movie.

Zumburg Pond
Zumberge Hall

Zumberge Hall is home to many administrative offices including Office of the Provost, Human Resources, and Office of the President.


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Internet Culture

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MIP Library Tour



The Transitional Link near Little Mac Bridge is probably my favorite piece on campus. For me it symbolizes my completion as an educated citizen of the world. Also, the superstition surrounding it entertains me.

Internet Research

The infographics from the GVSU Foundation 2014 Annual Report on Giving can be found on page 18 through 20. I find it interesting that private giving has dropped drastically since 2010, but it’s likely one or two large donations that were one-time in that year.


While memes are more or less the tumbleweed of the wild west that is the internet, I have gotten some enjoyment out of the “Doge” Meme.

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Know Your Meme

 The “Doge” meme appeals to our sense of absurdity and compassion for animals. It’s fairly innocuous. I don’t know anybody who would get offended by this meme.