Ten Possible Careers In Technology in the West Michigan area

 1. Director Of Social Strategy

Meijer Inc.

  • 10+ years of online marketing and creative experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising
  • Ability to negotiate contracts & create SOWs.

I need to complete my Advertising/PR program at GVSU. I will also need to spend at least 10 years working in social media marketing before I will be considered for this job. I will also likely need some corporate experience.

2. Marketing Intern


  • Completed 60 semester/credit hours
  • Web analytics knowledge
  • Eye for graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing Knowledge
  • Some technical knowledge of software and electronics

I need to continue my studies at GVSU. I already possess a knowledge and interest in technology, however it would behoove me to continue pursuing this interest. I also need some practice/education with social media marketing.

3. Data Quality Specialist

Legal Copy Services

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Communications
  • 3 years or more of database or project management experience
  • Experience with application development

I need to finish out my education at Grand Valley. Following this, I will need to spend at least three years working in project management. Along with this, I will need to gain some knowledge on app development, and likely the rollout process for these applications.

4. Event Marketing Coordinator

The Job Window

  • Degree in Marketing, IMC, Business Administration, or Advertising
  • Experience in managing projects and working under deadlines
  • Familiar with integrated marketing communications and promotions tactics

I must finish earning my Advertising/PR degree. I will also need to work in project management somewhere prior to being considered for this position. I will also need to familiarize myself with integrated marketing communications.

5. Account Executive

Wood TV8

  • Knowledge of online advertising tools
  • Bachelor’s degree in communications
  • MS office skills
  • Knowledge of Nielsen Ratings

My Ad/PR degree must be earned before getting considered. I must continue working with Microsoft Office and stay up-to-date on current versions. I will Also need some knowledge on how the the Nielsen television rating system works. I will likely also need some training in online advertising tools as well.

6. Account Executive

MLive Media Group

  • CRM sales management software experience. Special preference given to Salesforce.com
  • Strong background in needs-based selling and customer service
  • Sales Experience
  • MS office skills
  • BA or BS degree

I will need to complete my education at GVSU. I will need to gain an understanding of CRM sales management and most likely, work with a company that utilizes this type of program. I have some sales experience, but likely not enough to qualify at this time.

7. Assistant Technical Director

Byron Center Public Schools

  • Skill in computerized light and sound operation systems
  • Familiar with backstage etiquette
  • Skilled in set building and theatrical construction
  • BA/BFA in Technical Theatre or equivalent

I need to complete my Theatre Degree at GVSU. I will also need to get more experience working sound and light board operations. I am well-versed in backstage operations, but should stay current on what will be expected of me in the theater.

8. Marketing and Sales Director


  • 5 years Marketing and Sales experience
  • College Degree

I will need to finish my degree at GVSU. I will also need to spend a considerable amount of time at a moderate to large company working in marketing/promotions/sales. It would also help to have some background in electrical engineering.

9. Marketing Associate

Northgate Resorts LLC

  • Bachelor’s degree in communications
  • Experience in blogging and web posting
  • HTML coding skills recommended
  • Experience with Google AdWords
  • Proficiency with social media sites

I need to graduate with my Advertising/PR degree. I should also look at taking a class on HTML or possibly web design basics. I should spend some time researching online the properties and benefits of using AdWords.

10. Managing Content Creator

Ferris Coffee & Nut Co.

  • Understand SEO and how it works
  • Bachelors in journalism or communications
  • Compelling Storytelling abilities
  • Experience in copywriting

I need to graduate with my Ad/PR degree. I will also need to take a class, or at least a seminar, on copywriting. I would also likely benefit from taking a storytelling class. I will need to pay close attention to lectures pertaining to Search Engine Optimization and how it pertains to brand building.


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